<h2>Nobody is thought to be ignorant of <strong>Strada lex Europe</strong></h2>



Strada lex Europe provides you with a unique search bar.

Enter the desired words and Strada lex Europe’s ultra-powerful search engine will explore all the documents in order to present you with the most pertinent results, after just a few seconds.

Would you like to limit your search to an article of law, an author or a date? All those specific searches, and many more besides, are possible.

Strada lex Europe also allows:

  • The use of Boolean operators (OR, AND NOT…).
  • The search for exact expressions.
  • The search for truncations.
  • The combination of groups of words.
  • The use of proximity operators.

Singular/plural, masculine/feminine, combined forms, synonyms and inflected forms are automatically sought on your behalf.


Thanks to a purified presentation and an intuitive interface, Strada lex Europe enables you to access the essence of the information in just a few clicks. Your searches and the analysis of the results obtained are considerably simplified. Pictograms allow the nature of the documents to be identified at once. You can easily distinguish between jurisprudence, doctrine and legislation. A quick view beneath each document enables the sought words to be placed in their context. The documents appear in a different colour after being consulted, etc.

You can furthermore create your customized (MyStrada) library in which your searches and your documents can be saved.

Thanks to the daily customized legal watch system, you can be kept up-to-date, by e-mail, with the various innovations on the specific subjects that you yourself have defined. Without having to be connected to Strada lex Europe.


Strada lex Europe will let you save precious time by avoiding your having to consult hundreds of results. The database enables you to sort your results thanks to the filters at your disposal. You thus obtain the essence in a minimum of clicks.

The list of the results can, indeed, being refined by a single click on the basis of the documents’ source (legislation, doctrine, or jurisprudence), the nature of the texts (reviews, Codes…), the particular period, etc.

To let you save even more of time, the results are automatically sorted by pertinence. You will consequently find the most interesting documents at the top of the list. Would you like to be able to consult the most recent results first? A signal click enables all the results to be sorted chronologically.


With Strada lex Europe, a lack of inspiration no longer constitutes an impediment to efficient legal searches.

Your queries are analysed and deepened by the associated concepts mechanism. When you make a search, Strada lex Europe suggests concepts associated with the sought words. You thus have the possibility of making your query more specific by adding concepts to your initial search.

By thus giving you the opportunity of relevantly refining your search area field, Strada lex Europe lets you save invaluable time!


Strada lex Europe gives you the opportunity of extending your search into English.

With true technological prowess, Strada lex Europe is equipped with a built-in translator which does the work on your behalf. You have thus the certainty of browsing and questioning the entirety of the documentary sources, whatever the language of the document! By a single click, you can ask the search engine to extend your query from French into English, and vice versa.


For each legislative document, you can consult the previous versions. Indeed, a time-line presents, clearly and simply, the history of each text. This new functionality enables you to surf from one version to another, to consult two versions side-by-side and to compare two versions. With a couple of clicks, you have a clear overview of the changes.

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