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What is a RSS feed?

These feeds allow you to be informed on the latest information that is of a particular interest to you. As soon as a new issue of a Strada lex Europe periodical appears on line you will be shown a table of contents of the issue. You can now click on a title that interests you to acces the article.

What do I need in order to use RSS feeds ?

Do one of the following to receive the latest RSS feeds directly:

  • you can purchase reader software. There are a number of free RSS readers. We advise you to use RSSreader because all feeds on Strada lex Europe have been optimised to use this programme. As soon as you have installed the programme, you can start reading RSS feeds.
  • These feeds can also be read by using online programmes Bloglines.
  • Various browser allow you to read RSS feeds, e.g. Opera 7.5 or Mozilla Firefox (basic package, or with Sage extension).

How do I select RSS feeds on Strada lex Europe

Place your cursor on the icons, right click and choose "copy short-cut" or "copy link address". Just follow the instructions of your RSS reader to add a message.

List of all RSS feeds available on Strada lex Europe:

RSS - Periodicals

  •  Latest update
  •  Cahiers droit européen
  •  Carbon & Climate Law Review
  •  Delphi - Interdisciplinary Review of Emerging Technologies
  •  Entertainment. European and International Journal of Law Media - Art - Culture
  •  Euredia
  •  European Competition and Regulatory Law Review
  •  European Data Protection Law Review
  •  European Food and Feed Law Review
  •  European Journal of Policing Studies
  •  European Journal of Risk Regulation
  •  European Networks Law and Regulation Quarterly
  •  European Pharmaceutical Law Review
  •  European Public Private Partnership Law Review
  •  European State Aid Law Quarterly
  •  European Structural and Investment Funds Journal
  •  ICRL – International Chemical Regulatory and Law Review
  •  Journal de droit européen (former J.T.D.E.)
  •  Journal européen des droits de l'homme / European Journal of Human Rights
  •  JurisNews - Droit public européen
  •  JurisNews - Fonction publique européenne
  •  JurisNews - Investment Management
  •  L'Observateur de Bruxelles
  •  Revue belge de droit international
  •  Revue de Droit des Technologies de l'Information
  •  Revue de Droit International et de Droit Comparé
  •  Revue de l'Union européenne
  •  Revue des Affaires Européennes / Law & European Affairs
  •  Revue du droit de l'Union européenne
  •  Revue européenne de droit de la consommation / European Journal of Consumer Law
  •  Revue européenne et internationale de droit fiscal / European and International Journal of Tax Law
  •  Revue internationale des services financiers / International Journal for Financial Services
  •  Revue trimestrielle de droit européen

RSS - Official sources

  •  Latest update
  •  Court of Justice of the European Union
  •  European Civil Service Tribunal
  •  European Court of Human Rights
  •  European Patent Office
  •  General Court of the European Union
  •  International Labour Organization
  •  Official Journal of the European Union
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