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A veritable virtual legal library, Strada lex Europe constitutes today a comprehensive documentary package with regard to European law. Strada lex Europe assembles and organises, in a single website, all significant pieces of legislation, jurisprudence and doctrine, classified by large branches of European law, i.e. nearly a million documentary references in French and in English. The various contents are permanently updated.

The reviews and monographs from several publishers, as well as the main official public sources, are available there.

Strada lex Europe covers the European legal order, the European institutional framework, European litigation, all the European domestic policies, European foreign policies and the European civil service.

Official Sources

Save precious time: Strada lex Europe centralises the official European sources for you. The various official legal documents are repatriated as and when each source is put on line and are presented according to their nature and their publication date.

The regulations

  • Rèegulations.
  • Regulations, directives and decisions of the Parliament.
  • the Council and the Commission.
  • budgetary provisions.
  • ECB Regulations.
  • Regulations of the Court of Justice.
  • all Opinions and Recommendations:
    • BCE.
    • BCI.
    • Eurogroup.

The jurisprudence

  • All decisions of :
    • The European Court of Human Rights.
    • The European Union Court of Justice.
    • The European Union Court.
    • The Civil Service Tribunal.
    • The European Patent Office.

Consolidated Regulations

The Consolidated Regulations tab includes a wide selection of co-ordinated and up-to-date regulatory sources. It also includes a chronological table of the acts as well as a precise and exhaustive table per topic.

More than 20 European Law Reviews

Strada lex Europe gives you access to more than 20 legal reviews (certified by electronic signature), including that of Larcier’s various publishing brands (Bruylant and Promoculture-Larcier). These reviews are available as complete text with their electronic archives. Strada lex enables you to consult the contents tables of all the available reviews.

Do you have a subscription to one or more of the above partner publisher reviews? By subscribing to Strada lex Europe, you will have access, at no extra cost, to their complete electronic versions on Strada lex Europe.



Délégation des Barreaux de France


Larcier Luxembourg



Les Éditions de l’Université de Bruxelles

Over 1000 European Law Monographs Referenced

Strada lex Europe contains over 1000 European law monographs of published by Larcier’s publishing brands (Bruylant and Promoculture-Larcier) and by partner publishers.

Activate the electronic version of your monograph on Strada lex Europe by means of the code printed on the back cover.

Facilitate your research via the classification per collection per publisher.

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